Company Profile


GK NEON – GOMBOS & SONS has been operating on the domestic advertising market in the form of a consortium – an association of natural persons since June 1, 1990. The association was founded and continues to these days as a company without foreign equity participation, with a 100% equity share owned by four family members, classified in the category small plant with the number of employees up to 22.

    The company’s supply program focuses on graphic design, visualization, projection , production, delivery, assembly and service of all kinds and types of illuminated signs, especially of different forms of neon and LED signs and advertising boards, as well as various alternatives of non-illuminated sorts of advertising, orientation and information systems of buildings and objects ( please click on the individual chapters in the header ).
    For many years, our satisfied clientele includes major banking houses and financial institutions, multinational corporations, large domestic companies, the largest business parks and shopping centers, automobile manufacturers, renowned suppliers of white and black technology and electronics, various producers of gastronomic products, large and small private companies and business entities.
    The largest volume is represented by the company’s deliveries for the domestic advertising market, a significant share is also made up of deliveries to business partners especially from neighboring countries, of which 70% is production for Austria, 10% each for Hungary and the Czech Republic, the remaining 10% are occasional deliveries for partners in Germany, Belgium, Denmark or France.