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in Slovakia

30+ Years of Experience

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Advertising production services in Europe

The company has been operating on the domestic advertising market in the form of a consortium – an association of natural persons since 1.6.1990. The association was established and has been in existence until today as a company with no foreign participation, with a 100% share in the property owned by four family members, classified in the category of a small plant with a number of employees up to 22 persons. The firm’s delivery program focuses on graphic design, visualization, projection, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service:

what the statistics say
15 +
Years in business
2900 +
Satisfied customers
3500 +
Implemented projects
70 +
Refurbished ads

Our services

Providing top-quality advertising solutions

Cassette advertisements and 3D letters

Fascias, totems, poles, superstructures

Boxes, panels, boards and butons

Menuboards, information systems

Neon signs and tubes

Milled, engraved and pressed

Banners and large-scale posters

Advertisements and letters made of polystyrene

Promotional stickers for cars

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30+ Years of Experience

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