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The company has been operating on the domestic advertising market in the form of a consortium – an association of natural persons since 1.6.1990. The association was established and has been in existence until today as a company with no foreign participation, with a 100% share in the property owned by four family members, classified in the category of a small plant with a number of employees up to 22 persons. The firm’s delivery program focuses on graphic design, visualization, projection, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service: 

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15 +
Years in business
2900 +
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3500 +
Implemented projects
70 +
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Our services

Providing top-quality advertising solutions

Neónové reklamy a trubice

Neon signs and tubes

Kazetové reklamy a 3d písmená logo

3D signs and letters

Boxy, panely, boardy a butóny

Boxes, panels, boards and buttons

Frézované, gravírované a lisované reklamy

Milled, engraved and pressed signs

Menuboardy, orientačné a informačné systémy

Menuboards, guidance and info-systems

Fascie, totemy, pylóny, stožiare, svetelné atiky a nadstavby bigboardov

Fascias, totems, pylons, masts, illuminating attics and bigboard extensions

Bannery a napínateľné vinylové plachty

Banners and tension vinyl sheets

Reklamné nápisy, znaky a písmená z polystyrénu

Advertising signs, logos and letters from polystyrene

Reklamné polepy na autá a výklady

Advertising stickers for cars and showcases

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30+ Years of Experience

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